Switzerland ranked as the best education system in the world

Switzerland ranked as the best education system in the world but ranked third overall in the entire human capital report. The two countries to rank higher overall were Norway and Finland (Finland finishing in first). All three top countries were effectively developing and utilizing about 85 percent of their full human capital potential, the report noted. The Swiss dropped in rank significantly due, in part, to employment for over-65-year-olds. Switzerland ranked 85th place for this category. The silver lining is that the Swiss could earn a high level of prosperity throughout their lifetime, meaning older people are not forced to work beyond 65, which could account for the low ranking in this category. Just below Switzerland in the overall ranking is Japan. Other notable rankings:

  • The United Kingdom ranking at 19th
  • The United States ranking at 24th
  • The Russian Federation ranking at 28th
  • Kazakhstan ranking at 29th
  • Spain ranking at 45th
  • The United Arab Emirates ranking at 69th

Why Choose Switzerland?

Four years running, the World Economic Forum has ranked 130 countries on how well they are developing and deploying their human capital. The index determines human capital by evaluating the levels of education, skills and employment available to people in five distinct age groups, starting from under 15 years old to over 65 years old.

The primary focus in the study is learning and employment outcomes, rather than additional environmental variables. The report, labeled Human Capital

Report, has some interesting findings. The most recent edition of the study was published on Tuesday and provided high accolades for Geneva Business

School’s home country, Switzerland. According to the study the Swiss “benefit from the very high-quality of its primary schools and of the education system as a whole ... but also from a strong rate of vocational training and high level of skills diversity”.